Oil Painting Ideas

Oil Painting Ideas Roseville CA

If you have already decided to start in the world of painting in Roseville, what we will show you below are some ideas for painting in oil that every beginner should keep in mind when starting with their first works.

Choose the right theme.

Like everything in life, it takes a learning time. You do not want to start doing very complex works. Rather, we recommend the opposite that you choose simple themes such as still life. It is also a very good idea that you use a photograph or image that appears in a magazine as a model; in this way, you will not depend on time, since your model will always be present.

Previous drawing

Before starting to paint in oil, it is highly recommended that we make a previous sketch with charcoal on the canvas, trying not to make the lines too strong so that later they do not become transparent through the paint. If we see that we are not very skilled with the pencil, try to trace the drawing using a technique that you know. Painting on the drawing sketch will be much easier than if you do it directly on the white canvas.

Preparation layer

The next idea is to prepare the canvas so that the paint adheres well and does not crack when it dries. For this, it is advisable to apply a thin layer of background paint. We can choose a white or colored background. White will help illuminate the tones while a colored background will provide a unifying base.

Tools For Painting Roseville


Even if you are a novice painter, don’t be tempted to buy shoddy materials to save money. You will regret it in the long run because the result will not be as good as one would like. Among the most important is the choice of brushes. We can find many types, but you don’t need to have one of each. We recommend that you start with different sizes of round, flat, and bristle.

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